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American Recycled Tire Products
We Do Not Dispose Of Tires, We Recycle Tires.

Safe & Secure Storage Building.
Keep your stuff safe. 3' Solid Walls, 100% Insulated,
Sound Proof, Tornado Proof and Impenetrable (Bullet Proof).
20' x 20' Full Size Room With An 8' Ceiling.


Basic Model Storage Building - $3,900
Complete Structure. Economical.
Guaranteed DRY With No Moisture.

Standard Model - $4,900
Electrical and Plumbing.

Deluxe Model - $5,900
Electrical, Plumbing and Solar Backup.

FREE Siren With Every Model.

Only $500 Down And Pay As You Go.

Safe & Secure Survival Shelters.
Keep Your Family Safe And Secure During A Storm.
10' x 10' Full Size Room With A 7.5' to 8' Ceiling.
A Survival Shelter For Any Emergency.


Basic Model Storm Shelter - $6,900
Includes Drainage and Ventilation.
Guaranteed DRY With No Moisture.

Standard Model - $7,900
Drainage, Ventilation, Electrical and Plumbing.

Deluxe Model - $8,900
Drainage, Ventilation, Electrical, Plumbing and Solar Backup.

FREE Periscope & Siren With Every Model.

Only $500 Down And Pay As You Go.

For More Information Call,   423-281-4941

We Offer A $250 Referral Fee.
Discount For Veterans & Law Enforcement.

People keep asking me, how can you build a 20’x 20’ storage building that is close to indestructible for only $3,900?   It’s easy. We use recycled tires.
Tires are an economical way of building.
Tires are made from hard rubber.
Tires make a strong building structure.
Tires are forever, which is why waste sites and dumps will no longer take tires.

So, what to do with tires?
Tires are an effective and affordable building material used in building walls that are indestructible and impenetrable.
Tires make the best building material for building a home or storage building because of its strength and durability. Homes made from tires are called Earthships. Google It.
With walls 3-foot-thick a tire building is 100% insulated, sound proof, tornado proof and impenetrable (bullet proof).

In building our walls we pack the tires with crusher run gravel.
When packed hard and watered down inside the tire, crusher run gravel becomes like concrete and creates a solid wall.
Each tire packed with crusher run gravel weighs 300 pounds. That’s a heavy block.
We secure the wall by screwing the tires together with 3 ½ inch screws and use rebar to re-enforce the walls.
8 - 4”x 10’ compressed re-enforced concrete pylons will secure the 4 walls to the ground, 2 on each wall.
9 - 4”x 10’ treated post are embedded into the walls to attach a tin roof.
We use ¾ inch plywood sheets as the inside walls.
Drywall or paneling can be added later if you want to upgrade.
On the outside we use board siding just like in the picture.
The inside floor can be either gravel, wood or a concrete pad. Depends on what you use the storage building for.
If you pour a concrete pad we do this last.
By pouring the concrete slab last it helps to anchor the walls to the ground.
Earthships in theory will withstand even the strongest winds. We are building these storage buildings to be tornado proof.
If you put a conventional roof on your building you may lose your roof in a tornado but your walls will still be left standing.
If you build an octagon or round building with a dome roof your roof will also be tornado proof.
It just depends on the type of building you want.
We custom build our storage buildings to suit your needs.

The Cost:
Now here is why I can build your storage building for only $3,900.
I haul old tires away from tire stores and we recycle the tires. The Earthship storage building is just another recycling project.
The tire stores pay me $1.50 per tire to haul away their old tires, $300 per trailer load as my trailer will hold 200 tires.
When I bring those first 200 tires to your work site I have already made $300 just for transporting the tires.
35% of those 200 tires are going to be good used tires that can be resold.
We sort those good used tires from the recycled tires and wholesale them to tire stores for $5 per tire. Some tires even more. That’s another $350 to $600, which means I have already made $650 to $900 and we haven’t even started work yet.
We load the good used tires back on the trailer and the 130 tires that are left we lay out on a square string line and fill with crusher run gravel.
It takes between 250 to 300 tires to make 4 walls 20’ long 8’ high.
4 loads should just about do it after we have sorted the tires.
Vulcan Material will bring the crusher run gravel and we begin filling the tires.
After the tire walls are up we put on the roof and the outside and inside siding.
You NEVER see the tires. Only you will know they are there.
All that is left is the door and the floor.  We’re done. Enjoy your building.

So you see I make money on both sides. Which is why I can keep the cost of your storage building down and affordable saving you A LOT of money.

Our Payment Plan:
We have a "pay as you go" policy.
We won't ask you to make the first payment until after we have laid the foundation and started building the wall.
We will pay for the rebar, 9 - 4"x 10' treated post and the first load of 5 ton crusher run gravel to get the project started.  The tires are FREE.
It will take 5 to 10 days to complete depending on the weather and unforeseen circumstances.

Before We Build:
You will need to check to make sure your property is not in a restricted area. Also check to make sure if any permits are required to build a storage building on your property. If a permit is required you will need to obtain one before we can build.
As a DIY project a permit may not be required depending on the area in which you live.