j American Recycled Tire Products

Keep The Earth Clean.

American Recycled Tire Products

Furniture Made From Tires.

 We Recycle Old Tires.

   Building With Tires.

We Will Pick Up Your Old Tires For $1.50 Per Car Or Truck Tire, $3 Per Tractor Trailer Tire.
We Recycle Tires By Using Them To Build Homes (Earthships), Storage Buildings, Storm Shelters, Retaining Walls, Furniture, Planters, Landscaping, Gardening, Novelties and Art.  

Save The Earth - Recycle Tires.
If You Have Old Tires To Haul Away.
Call Us Today At. 423-281-4941


Homes Made From Recycled Tires (Earthships) Are 100% Insulated.
A Structure Made From Recycled Tires Is Strong And Impenetrable.
The Cost Savings Of A Earthship Tire Home Is 60% Of A Conventional Home.

Storage Buildings Start At $3,900 For A 20' x 20' Standard Building.

Storm Shelters Or Bunkers Start At $6,900 For Our Standard Model.

FREE TIRES: If You Are Interested In Building An Earthship,
We Will Bring You All The Tires You Need.






        Storm Shelters.

      We Need People.

Tire Products And Prices.

Garden Teacups - $65

Garden Clock Planter - $125

Planters - $45

Robots - $95

Snowman - $95

Green Frog - $65

Motorcycle - $95

Chairs - $75

Patio Furniture - $190

Wishing Well - $145

Jungle Gym - $195

Free Delivery.
Some Novelties Are
Assembled On Site.